Houston Windbreaker

Houston Windbreaker


This is a Houston We Have So Many Problems black windbreaker. 

This design was inspired by bad news after bad news while watching the television. A silver lining in a very dark cloud of dark times for us collectively as the human race. We have come to face terrorism and global warming like never before. While every person you walk past has a life completely different to yours, we all share one thing collectively that brings us all together, all over this planet. Our planet. Earth. Houston We Have So many Problems is a reminder that with all of the bad going on here, this is our home and we all need to look after it while acknowledging our mistakes and moving on to a more stable future.

It will keep the wind off your back and the rain off your shoulders. It is made from 100% taffeta nylon and it is waterproof. It has a hood concealed in the collar and has one pocket for the windbreaker to fold into. 

Size Guide (inches)


Chest    41”

Length  26“

Sleeve length 18”


Chest    45”

Length  27“

Sleeve length 19”


Chest    50”

Length   28”

Sleeve length 19”


Chest    52”

Length   29”

Sleeve length 20”

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